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To become a personal trainer you need the foundation knowledge gained from the Level 2 Gym Instructor course to progress to a Level 3 Qualification. If you do not hold a Level 2 qualification you are unable to progress to the Level 3 Personal Training Qualification.

All our courses require completion of some coursework; this is carried out prior to the courses from home via distance learning. When signing up for the course you will be assigned a personal support tutor who will welcome you to the course and set you up with the coursework. The support tutor will set you an action plan for completing your coursework, with specific hand in dates to break down the workload.

The dates on the website are the end dates of the course, so you will be working towards the dates you can see on the site. The course starts from the day you register and pay for the course. Once you register you will be enrolled onto the course.

Diverse Trainers take pride in providing excellent support throughout our courses. This is to ensure your experience is enjoyable, informative and you are guided throughout the qualification. You will receive support from your personal tutor who will guide you through the qualification assign you a clear action plan to guide your home study.

To get insured as a personal trainer is a simple process first you need to find an insurance provider specific to health and fitness. This can be done via a simple google search for personal training insurance. There are several companies that offer insurance packages for personal training. REPs offer insurance along with a REPs membership so if you want to get registered with REPs you can buy a package that includes the insurance.

The gym instructor’s role is an exciting position within the health and fitness industry. The gym instructor role varies between different companies. All gym instructors need the below fundamental skills to be successful in the industry.

A personal trainer is a professional role which requires training to advise and prescribe advice to the public including nutrition, exercise, goal setting, recovery, lifestyle and more. To gain this knowledge it takes time to learn and develop the necessary education and skills needed to become a qualified personal trainer.