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About Us

360° Fitness has been serving it's gym services since 2016 and is considered to be the “Cheers” of fitness because we truly do know your name. It is the longest running independently owned full-service gym in Sector-14 Panchkula. Our unique gym combines the personal attention and member service of a boutique gym with the fitness options of a large club

It has built a widely known and established image for itself with the company professionals, business owners, upper middle class girls, doctors, lawyers and teenagers. The location has become synonymous with fitness for the town.

about us
we believe in balance
We believe in balance
We think everybody deserves the support to reach their goals whatever they are, and without paying a premium or being tied into a contract.
free classes
Free classes
You’ll find free classes every day at most of our gyms. Just take a look at the timetables to see what’s on. Enjoy total freedom and flexibility instead.
eco friendly exercise
Eco-friendly exercise
Over 70% of our equipment is energy efficient. You’ll find workout tips, features and offers, plus all your membership info in one place.